One of my earliest memories is of my father storming into the downstairs playroom with a stack of records that I loved listening to and snapping them into shards while I cried. As I recall, one of his records had been scratched. I’m not sure if the scratch had been my fault, but that was… Read more

Why I Blog

Since I recently threw my hat in the “Dad Blogger” ring, I have read extensively in the genre, trying to get a sense of the styles and structures of a well-crafted post. I can’t judge whether I craft well or whether I’m capturing the genre’s spirit, but I can say that many of the posts… Read more


Seems that everybody wants to be at the mercy of something. Whether rules, or limits, or comfort in standards and certainty, I never feel quite right in the company of constraint. Of course I realize that you’ve got to know the rules before you break them — get them in your bones then let them go snap.… Read more