Clouds & Dreams

Yesterday the clouds were a line of bunnies running with a birthday cake. Lately, Noodle exercises his eyes, notices distances, and writes fables into the sky. He’s becoming a dreamer. And he’s taken to creating characters and conversations in the creatures and the places we visit. One sunny winter day, we took him to Ambury… Read more

A Day At The Office

The waves don’t crash here in the gulf – they roll. They roll gently until container ships and navy boats push through and, a quarter hour on, their wakes wash high on the sand. The sailboats displace wind, not water, and they just glide atop the absent surf. On clear days you can see Rangitoto… Read more

Would You Love Me?

On the car ride back from his cousins’ house, well past bedtime, his face glowing in the pale low-pressure sodium lights outside the turnpike toll plaza, Noodle asked whether we would still love him if he lost a hand. I checked the rearview to see if he was giggling out a cheeky ruse, but he… Read more