Dry Paint

Some years back I learned the chemistry of drying — paints and oils and sweat — and knowing that stuff matters plenty if you’re engineering or inventing or experimenting, but it don’t mean a whit when you’re joining and polishing maple and walnut and cherry and holly and good old fashioned oak into a little… Read more

About Time

My grandfather did a lot of my raising and my son was born a hundred years after him, nearly to the day, give or take a couple weeks. On a timeline that long, a couple weeks isn’t more than a cup of morning coffee. I stand in between them, a bit closer to my boy’s… Read more

The Lawnmower

This is an excerpt from I Am Not A Liability ——————– It occurred to me last week that one day soon Noodle will have his first day of school and I’ll be a proud papa, misty-eyed holding his hand, and he his lunchbox, down the path to his first classroom. The moment I let go and… Read more

I Am Not A Liability

It’s a joint account, but all my transactions are in red. I buy groceries, gas up the car, grab the occasional coffee, burger, and a pint. Never does the account tip positive for an action I’ve taken, and sometimes I get trapped thinking: I’m a liability. When I’m “trapped,” I’m over-focused. I can’t stop thinking… Read more