Write On started as DaddingFullTime in December 2012. There I chronicled my life as an expat American in New Zealand, learning to navigate a new existence with a little boy in tow. By July 2014, the essays had taken an unexpected turn and I realised the project had resolved itself.

Two essays, Salvation and Redemption, frame the whole story.

Since Redemption, I have been writing on and off here and there. Then I taught for a semester. Then I travelled a bit. Then I made some effort to find gainful employment. And then something extraordinary happened.

A new life.

The resolved past has given way to an optimistic future, and a new little person with whom I will share it.

The time has come to Write On.



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Writing samples

A manuscript based on my Ph.D. research into critical thinking and concept formation, influenced primarily by Ludwig Wittgenstein and Gilbert Ryle: “Thinking”